Recent and Upcoming Highlights
Updated September 2004


Fire in the Bosque -- On June 24th and 25th, 2003 there were several fires that caused considerable damage in the Rio Grande Bosque. For more details about these fires and to see a Burn Area Map see the Fire in the Bosque page on this website.

Community Meetings Held -- A series of public meetings were held in 2003 to present information and receive public comment on restoration concepts and possible educational/ recreational enhancements for the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Restoration Projects. This was the second set of public meetings on the project. Input from these meetings was used in the development of final concepts for the Reconnaissance Study and in the alternative development and selection for the Bosque Revitalization @ Route 66 Study.

Middle Rio Grande Bosque Restoration Supplemental Planning Document Posted - The Middle Rio Grande Bosque Restoration Supplemental Planning Document has been posted on-line. This document includes a description of problems, opportunities and constraints, the results of field reconnaissance, summaries of the community input and evaluation processes, and several maps of existing conditions. This document also includes proposed ecosystem restoration concepts and related recreational/educational enhancements for further study in the feasibility phase. Please read the report and contact us with any comments!

Opportunities & Constraints and Initial Set of Alternatives Generated for Bosque Revitalization @ Route 66 - Over the past few months, the planning team developed a series of Opportunities and Constraints for ecosystem restoration for the bosque area between I-40 and Bridge Street. These were based on existing conditions analysis and planning concepts developed during the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Restoration Reconnaissance Study. The final draft of the Detailed Project Report and Environmental Assessment is currently being produced. Anticipated completion is Fall 2004.

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